A headache from Safari? Fed up with Firefox? I can’t stand Chrome? Meet our rating and make sure that Safari is not so bad, and along with possible alternatives.

You can, of course, love it or loathe it, but Safari was your first room when working with the Internet in that magical moment when you booted your Mac for the first time. No doubt, compared to all ever existed browsers, it is by far not the worst. The use of the Internet browser created by Apple has its advantages: it is the speed, nice design and interacts with your Mac, what will be no one else. However, we should not forget about the temptation of alternatives — like if he speeds with Chrome, with Firefox extensibility, or ease with Opera? Today, Safari is ranked fourth by a number of users, yielding on some objective and subjective reasons.


Nobody does it better… right?

However, whatever the reason for the changing browser, here’s our guide to choosing the best, possessing the characteristics that you need.


When Google first unveiled its much-anticipated web browser for Windows, Mac users waited with bated breath… waiting… until you have calmed down, as I didn’t breath for many months. But now, after a while, Chrome successfully migrated to OS X, though, was it worth to wait for this? Our answer is ” Yes!”. Nice design, well competing with the ideas “Apple” designers speed that can blow not only your socks, but pants with a shirt and set of characteristics, in comparison with which some browsers are still far behind. So, Chrome is, without a doubt, the first competitor to Safari. The only indicator on which Chrome still loses to Safari’s RSS feeds (although for many this is not so important).


Firefox today has become so habitual and natural that he appeared long before the Internet, but this is not a reason hard to believe that it was invented by the dinosaurs. The browser is the leading proposal of the community of free software developers. This means that updates on his daily work of many people who love their job. In other words, it has its own development, but this does not mean that it is not a single piece from the others. Open infrastructure “fire Fox” suggests that improvements and updates are made by the people and for the people, and most of the features, such as built-in password Manager and the abundance of available widgets (mini-applications) are very useful. Disadvantages? Yes, I think without it anywhere. The problem is that Firefox can greatly depend on RAM. When using a large number of applications, you will have to ignore the fact that the Mac becomes sluggish.


Opera has many features that distinguish it from other browsers, but have not yet received due recognition, however, there is a kind of diamonds among them, for example, support for BitTorrent (downloading via Torrents has become much easier) and Turbo mode, which optimizes the handling of the pages when the Internet speed is not enough for operational work. He fully supported the “Lion” and even borrows some features from Safari. Maybe Opera does not have sufficient popularity and widespread use, but it is undoubtedly the dark horse in the battle of the browsers.


Camino is the Union of the original title, and full functionality Firefox, in cooperation with the operating system OS X (technology Spotlight, Address Book, Finder, the Dock, Bonjour, etc.) At the moment, Firefox has pushed the whole project on the back burner as its such a rapid development, but there are several reasons due to which Camino is worthy of attention. To begin this work with the password stored in OS X Keychain, unlike the system used by Chrome. As for pages, they are loaded quickly, accurately, and consistently, exactly as in Firefox using the Apple interface.


As mentioned above, Mac users had been waiting for the release version of Chrome for OS X, and so long that the smart guys decided to create a Stainless browser for Mac, which has a multithreaded architecture Chrome (what makes the pages fly). Like the Camino, the whole project lost importance with the appearance of Chrome for OS X, but fortunately, there are a number of features, like a neat little bookmark toolbar that make a great browser replacement for Safari.

Now you know it, five browsers that can replace Safari. No doubt you have your preferences and tastes for this reason. If we undeservedly forgot about someone, then, by all means, report it, and justice will be restored and the culprits punished.